Think About IT: Compassion Is Still Needed

Compassion without action is indistinguishable from indifference.

Christ’s compassion sees the plight of others and then seeks to meet that need. While one cannot meet every need of every person, Christians should be seeking to move beyond seeing the needs around us to meeting the needs around us.

“When He went ashore, He saw a large crowd, and felt compassion for them and healed their sick” (Matthew 14:14).

We Need Christ’s Help NOT Self-Help

In the Los Angeles Times article “Self-Help’s Big Lie” Steve Salerno explains, “Self-esteem-based education presupposed that a healthy ego would help students achieve greatness, even if the mechanisms necessary to instill self-esteem undercut scholarship. Over time, it became clear that what such policies promote is not academic greatness but a bizarre disconnect between perceived self-worth and provable skill.” Continue reading →

Suggestions for Determining Whether a Pastoral Candidate Is a Calvinist

On March 5, 2015 I posted the following article on Although the article is the same, the questionnaire that is immediately below this article has been updated.

I believe the vast majority of Calvinists seek to be clear about their belief in Calvinism when interviewed by a pastoral search committee. I personally know some Calvinists who seek to make this very clear in the interview process. However, and quite unfortunately, that is not always the case. Continue reading →

Think About IT: Repentance is Our Friend

Repentance is our friend that leads us to God, and such a friend should always be eagerly embraced.

A friend is someone who always seeks to help us be our best, who seeks to bring us closer to God by making us more like Christ. Repentance is such a friend. Repentance brings us to God in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, and repentance restores the child of God who wanders astray for a time. Continue reading →